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Delphi and C++Builder Controls in ScaleRichView Documents

Standard Components

ScaleRichView editor, as well as TRichView editor, allows inserting components. But while TRichView inserts controls directly in the editor window and they work like if they were placed on a form, ScaleRichView works differently: it display images of controls. This method allows to scale controls together with the document, but applies some restrictions (especially when appearance a component is frequently changed; for example, the caret is not shown in TEdit and TMemo).

To take all advantages of this feature, you can use SRVControls.

Standard components in ScaleRichView

SRVControls: Basic Controls

SRVControls is a set of controls that was designed to provide full functionality when inserted in ScaleRichView editor.


  • are completely supported by SRichViewEdit;
  • are drawn and scaled with better quality;
  • have additional properties related to scaling and printing;
  • have customizable appearance;
  • support skins;
  • have the same appearance in all versions of Windows.

TSRVEdit Icon TSRVEdit is a single-line edit control, designed for insertion in TSRichViewEdit. In addition to properties common with TEdit, TSRVEdit has properties for displaying its state.

TSRVCheckBox Icon TSRVCheckBox and TSRVRadioButton Icon TSRVRadioButton can be used to create questionnaires and forms.

Other components:

TSRVButton Icon TSRVButton — button, analog of TButton;
TSRVPanel Icon TSRVPanel — panel control that can contain other controls, analog of TPanel;
TSRVLabel Icon TSRVLabel — text label, analog of TLabel;
TSRVGroupBox Icon TSRVGroupBox — panel with caption, analog of TGroupBox.
TSRVListBox Icon TSRVListBox — advanced analog of TListBox.
TSRVComboBox Icon TSRVComboBox — advanced analog of TComboBox.
TSRVPaintBox Icon TSRVPaintBox — analog of TPaintBox.
TSRVMemo Icon TSRVMemo — analog of TMemo.

TSRVEdit in editor
TSRVCheckBox and TSRVRadioButton in editor

Special Features

TSRVEdit and TSRVComboBox can display a list of suggestions. Unlike a combo box drop-down list, items in this list are generated dynamically and depend on the text in the control.

Items in TSRVListBox and TSRVComboBox can have:

  • custom indent (defining a hierarchy of items)
  • check box (only for TSRVListBox)
  • image
  • text (with custom font)
  • disabled state

Interactive document in TSRichViewEdit

List of suggestions in TSRVEdit

TSRVListBox, TSRVComboBox, TSRVTabSet

SRVControls: TSRVTabSet and TSRVImagesScroll

TSRVTabSet Icon TSRVTabSet displays horizontal or vertical tabs. The user can click or rearrange them. This component is used, for example, in the ActionTestTabs demo for switching between documents.

TSRVImagesScroll Icon TSRVImagesScroll displays a gallery of images horizontally or vertically.

News Viewer Demo

SRVControls: Media Player

TSRVMediaPlayer Icon TSRVMediaPlayer component was created specially for SRichViewEdit. The component provides full access to features of media files, allowing creating multimedia documents.
Watching video embedded in your document? No problem!

TSRVMediaPlayer, as against the standard TMediaPlayer:

  • can display video of any format, if the proper codecs are installed in the system;
  • provides access to information about video and audio files;
  • has user interface for navigation in media files;
  • allows to customize how audio and video files are played;
  • can display TV channels and play radio stations (if TV/radio tuner is available).

Demo of TSRVMediaPlayer

ActiveX Controls. Flash

ScaleRichView editor allows embedding ActiveX components, including Adobe Flash (TShockwaveFlash).

Demo of TShockwaveFlash


  • ScaleRichView\​Demos\​*\​BaseControls\ — a simple form created using the standard components;
  • SRVControls\​Demos\​*\​SRVControls\​Example1\ — a list of SRVControls;
  • SRVControls\​Demos\​*\​SRVControls\​Example2\ — the same form as in the first example, but created using SRVControls;
  • ScaleRichView\​Demos\​Delphi\​Flash\ — several examples for Shockwave Flash ActiveX;
  • SRVControls\​Demos\​*\​InsertControls\ — the demo showing how to insert components in the editor and how to change their properties.